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Are the Christmas Classic movies still under copyright?

I want to know if the classics like "A Year Without Santa Claus", the little animation things, are still under copy right. I want to know this because I'm wondering if I can download them and make a dvd to watch with the family.

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    You have to find an authorized copy of the 1874 movie to download, as otherwise it would be a copyright infringement. It makes absolutely no difference whether you want to sell it or not; copyright infringement means you had access to someone else's work and made an unauthorized copy. You lose.

    There is no possible way to make your download (public performance and display, reproduction of a DVD copy) of an existing ILLEGAL copy somehow legal, since you certainly don't have more rights than the criminal who uploaded it illegally.

    Anything commercially produced in 1974 (or since 1963) and published with proper copyright notice on it, is copyrighted for 95 years. Things prior to 1963 also had to have a renewal filed at 28 years if they wanted the full 95 years of coverage. Check the US Copyright Office database for other "classic" works that you are thinking of copying.

    Source(s): http://copyright.cornell.edu/resources/publicdomai... US copyright duration http://www.copyright.gov/ 17 USC § 106 Exclusive rights
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    White Christmas Christmas in Connecticut Miracle on thirty fourth highway The Bishop's spouse a toddler's Christmas in Wales and as an answer above mentions, there have been many many variations of A Christmas Carol

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    As long as you don't try to sell them for profit, or claim that the work is yours, then it would be okay. It is not illegal to display other peoples work for entertainment purposes only.

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    As long as you don't try to sell it your fine.

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