How can i become a child actor?

Im a 14 year old, and my dream has been to become a child actor. Im hispanic and not the most good looking person, can someone give me step by step, how to become a actor in less than a year?

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    8 years ago
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    Step 1: Get professional acting classes or take a drama class at your school. You need the xperience. I suggest taking the class until the end of high school.

    Stepp 2: After like 1-2 years of experience from the acting class you need the steps about auditions and how to proceed in an audition.

    Step 3: Once you have a solid monologue which you have had to work on for a while like around 2-4 months. You then go to a local theatre to audition.

    Step 4: Once you get into 3 plays and have preformed in them you then will decide if you really want to get into acting. If you do, you have to go get an agent or join a union. The paper work for one of these options will take 1-2 months to complete and processed through the system. Note: You have to audition in front of the Union or the agent.

    Step 5: Once you audition infront of an agent and they make you their client, it will be their job to get you auditions not be a second parent. If dont attend most of the auditions that the agent assigns to you (the agent will ask you what kind of genre, type etc. of plays you would like to do), you will lose your agent. Your parents must be ready to drive you any where to go to the auditions, maybe even right after school.

    Step 6: Once you star auditioning in major theatres, you will need to get more advanced training such as ore professional acting classes. Working with older actors to grasp the process of a professional plays and how to do better on your monologue.

    Step 7: That is it. And if you are really serious about acting, you must start now and try to learn everything about acting and the true definition of acting. You need have your own style to become successful. I suggest if you want to act as an adult you must go to an acting college and make sure it is a very good school that you believe will treat you right. Be careful about what decisions you make through your carreer because if you do poorly in one . The director will tell his friends about you then their friends which will result in you having a bad rep. You also have to know how to tell character development and the difference between being and doing. Break a leg on stage.

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    8 years ago

    In less than a year? It's not going to happen.

    Child actors have almost all been attending top stage schools since they were about 6 years old, and loads of them have family already in the business.

    You've left it far too late to become a child actor - in a couple of years you'd be competing with young adults for roles - many new graduates can easily pass for 16, 17, and directors will always choose them rather than kids if they can.

    If you got into a good acting class now, worked hard for a few years, got loads of stage experience, gradually working your way up from small roles to leading ones, then you might, if you have enough talent, be able to get an agent.

    Agents are how you get auditions, but they're never interested in beginners - only very well-trained and very experienced professionals.

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    go to LA

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