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I feel so stressed that I want to commit suicide.?

I am failing geometry and chemistry in high school, my parents are worried, trying to get me all these tutors, but I feel even worse like that, it feels like I am a burden just burning off their money. I hope my dad would stop but he would just find a new tutor like every week and we would just argue about it.

I don't want to talk to anyone, or want to see anyone. After school, I would just leave and run home instead of going anywhere with my friends. It feels like I am running away from them.

I wrote so many letters and diaries about depressing things like these and I just feel so hideous.

When I told my parents that I am so stressed that I want to die, they just laugh it off. Well, I am not brave enough to stab myself and just die, so I'm stuck in between dying and living.

I have no motivation to do homework or do anything, I just want to sleep all day.

I wanted to be smart and successful like others too, but it just seems like my life is screwed up.

I always have bad luck, forgetting homework on the dinner table, printing my essay and leaving it there on the printer, forgetting to do a homework and on that day the teacher checks it, for the first time since school started, my teachers hate me and etc.

I skipped school before and now my parents would use that to insult me. They would say in a mocking way and I just want to die. When I cry because I am so stressed, my parents would say all I can do is cry.

I feel so overwhelmed, there are so many projects, public speaking memorization, and tests in the next two weeks. I couldn't memorize anything for the presentation nor the exams. No matter how hard or how many times I read it over and over, I can't get anything into my mind.

My cousins came from another country and when we were young, I used to be the "cool and smart" cousin that they look up to, but now I am just a pile of useless trash and I can't do anything.

I don't know anything about my future, what I want to do or be.

I feel so horrible, I want to die.

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    Your parents sound like terrible people. It seems a lot of your worthless feelings revolve around their attitude toward you. Maybe you have the potential to understand and complete assignments in those classes, you just do not feel motivated enough to complete them. But to tell you the truth I think your emotional well being is more important than passing some classes, which can be re-taken for sure.

    Not knowing what your future is going to be like is pretty tough. I still know what that feels like and I'm in college. How are we supposed to know what we want to do with our lives? All we do is go to school and do what we like when we get home. We are taught to value money, but we neglect our emotional and spiritual sides, which when it comes down to it are the most important. It'd be a waste if you lived your life doing things you hated just to get more money. It's better to live a life doing what you love than to seek money if that isn't what makes you happy. Just keep that in mind.

    Seek out a mental health professional, it can help you buddy. If you are uncomfortable with asking your parents about seeing someone, just e-mail a local psychologist and he/she can try to help initiate communication with your parents.

    Edit: Life is a curse? No no no no, it may feel that way sometimes, but even in the darkest moments of despair you can feel your own desire to live. The simple fact that you're here is so meaningful, it's up to you to figure out what your calling in life is. When I saw Monet's Water Lilies, I knew that everything had its place in the universe and there is nothing you were born not to handle.

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    is there a school counsler that you can talk to? You need help dealing with all this presure you're parents are putting on you. Perhapers there's a stress managment program you could look into.

    And hear me out here, faith helps a lot with this stuff. Give all those problems to Jesus, and cry on His shoulder all you need to. He will help you deal with....well life in a way that no one else can. I know what you're thinking but try calling out to Jesus and laying youself and your problems at His feet. The fist night I did, I felt like I was clinging to Him like a drowning person clings to floating wood in the ocean and I poured all my emotions into Him and I felt sane for the fist time.

    Hope you feel better, Will pray for you.

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    I think you need to take the advice of my fellow commenters but also CHILL !

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