i'm redoing my room, and I need some help?

well, I moved in this house and my parents did my room pink, and black, and I don't really like it. My birthday is coming up, and my parents are asking my what i want for Christmas. and I told them I wanted my room redone. and i told them i wanted it redone in Marilyn Monroe (my idol) and i don't know what color i want my want my room what flooring or anything they said they are repainting and redoing my flooring and changing my light to like a chandlers and everything so. PLease be pacifistic about EVERY detail!!!!(: like what kind of flooring, what color(s) my room should be, what kind of Chandler, should i paint my ceiling and my door if so what color(s) be Pacific !!(: thanks this will really help!(:

3 Answers

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