Why does my amp cut off at high volume but then come back on and then cut off again?

It was ok until I fried my other amp, the power wire n ground wire come out n I accidentally touched the power wire to the ground terminal of the amp wich caused a little spark, so I got a different amp same make kenwood but instead of 350w it's 600w I have that for my 6x9 but the amp keeps cutting off at high volume and then coming back on, but my subs keep on pumping just the 6x9 are cutting off, and ideas please of why it's happening now? I have the kenwood amp for my 6x9s only thanx guys

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  • 8 years ago
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    Well 1st off lower the gain on the to the 6x9's because i think when you are cranking the volume the amp is noticing distortion in the speakers and going into auto-protect mode.

    And one other thing if you did touch the ground and positive wire together i would make sure you did not in the wires short out one of them because during high volume times if even a small amount of the plastic coating is gone a arc can happen between the power and chassis and cause the amp to go into auto-protect.

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