The thought of eating grosses me out?

I have IBS and GERD, so I definitely have more than my fair share of stomach problems. I also have anxiety/depression and am very prone to stress, which causes me to eat less. Lately I've been having a hard time eating because the thought of most foods makes me want to gag, I am just soo nauseous. I don't know why. It's annoying cuz I feel terrible. I'm not sick or pregnant. Why is this happening? Could it be the heartburn? Or stress? And how do I fix it? I'm already super thin and have lost a lot of weight, I am super prone to weight loss and idk what to do! I've been to soo many doctors..

Help appreciated!

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    8 years ago
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    In my opinion it is a combination of: stress, IBS, Gerd and depression. Choose foods that will not create heart burn or trigger an IBS event. Instead of eating 3 large meals, trying eating up to six smaller meals.

  • 5 years ago

    I was a vegetarian for half a year, but unfortunately I wasn't getting enough protein (this was when I was still growing too, so it's very important to get all the nutrients you need when you're still growing). I hate eating meat, I think the way humans treat animals is awful, and if I had the willpower to become a vegetarian again, I would (I'm also a picky eater so that doesn't help). For now, I buy all-natural meats which means that the animal is not injected with harmful hormones. I also buy free range chicken and eggs (the chickens are not kept in coops but run around freely instead). This makes me feel somewhat better about eating meat. Kudos to all you vegetarians out there!

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