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How to export just .class files in eclipse/java?

I borrowed the source code to this java program that we are working on and I am having a small issue. I want to export the class but I don't have the full project in my eclipse, so it has a ton of errors. I just need to export the .class but I don't know how to do this. Any help?


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    If eclipse won't show the methods then I'm doubtful any of the tools will help you. I downloaded from SourceForge 'class reader'. Have not tried it yet.

    You will still have a problem with private vars and methods. Either tool, eclispe or class viewer work with Reflection API.

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    I'm a bit rusty on working with JAR documents, so please forgive me if my answer just isn't premier. The fine approach to load assets (in my restrained expertise) is to do something like MyClass.Category.GetResource() or MyClass.Class.GetResourceAsStream(). The path exact is then relative to where your supply/type file is. So if the file were stored within the folder imply inside of your source directory, the trail would be "imply/experiment". Then it's effectively a subject of making definite that all the folders inside of your supply listing are copied to the JAR. I suppose that is particularly straight forward to do.

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