I'm socially awkward and don't really have any good friends?

I seem to be having a hard time making friends and I'm so damn lonely right now, so lonely that I have to go to yahoo answers to talk to someone about my problems since I really don't have anyone else to talk to. I was "Christian" for the better part of my life, indoctrinated by my parents. I've had a number of friends ditch me over the years because I was that dumb Christian kid who would try to convert people, likely to try and affirm my beliefs. In Grade 9 I really got **** on by the guy who was my best friend for two years prior, he turned people against me and made me feel about 2 inches high. I had the genius idea to go to a Christian School half way through grade 10, figured I would already have something in common with them but they were all so closed off and already had their friends and didn't seem to care to make any new ones. It got to the point where I would sit in a stall waiting for lunch to end since I didn't want to sit out in public all alone. I ended up leaving and going back to public school for half of grade 12 and graduated early to be done with high school. Even though the non-christian public school people were better people than the Christians I still didn't really make any friends. Around a year ago I started to apply logic to things and religion fell by the wayside but because of this I lost all of my mediocre Christian "friends" from my church that just barely kept me sustained but weren't ever really good friends to me. I know I'm a nice guy with a good heart but I've never been good at small talk since I don't really give a **** about all of the superficial bullshit that most people blabber on about, I'd rather have deep conversations but those don't really happen until people are comfortable talking to me. I'm 20 years old and I feel like I've just sort of gotten out of the loop on how to act in social situations. I'm in a rut, I don't know what to do. I guess I have the most trouble with the initial stage of friend making since the confidence I once had in my social ability has been shattered. There's more to say than this and I skipped over some things but it's already longer than what most people would read. I don't even really know what sort of a response I'm looking for, I sorta just needed to vent. I just wish I had friends who cared about me.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Yeah thats just people being well... people. They're probably judging you because you live a good christian life but good on you mate! I suffer from social anxiety and i moved school nearly 2 years ago and havent made any new friends and i can barely hold a 3 minute conversation. One day you will find a bunch of friends who will accept you for who you are, it wont be like this forever, trust me even though it feels like your forever a loner. But if you do go around trying to convert people and shoving your beliefs down peoples throats, that is going to put them off you just a tad. Good luck!

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