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Comparing encryption algorithms? 10 points!!?

As part of a huge assignment on Cryptography, I have to research encryption algorithms and recommend what each company should use. The first company has limited funds and computer processing speeds are slow to medium, but the data is very important. The second company needs the strongest method and has very fast processing, but has limited funds.

I need to research price, speed, and security of each algorithm. But all of the information I can find is too technical for me to understand.

Can you tell me which of the following is fastest, which is cheapest, and which is most secure. 10 points for most researched answer (and references are appreciated) !!

Data Encryption Standard


Advanced Encryption Standard


RSA public key cryptography

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    3DES: slow, cheap, secure --> first company

    blow fish: fastest, secure --> second company

    there's a table in the book that compared algorithms. and i'm not sure about these! :D

    Source(s): Network Security, Principles and Practice,3rd Ed.
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