Do I ask him to hang out, play it cool, or walk away?

I had crazy feelings for this one guy so much so that I broke up with my bf of two years just cuz I wanted to see him n not be a cheater. We were hanging out on n off for a year. He would often go to my friends moping about me saying he liked me so much but didn't know what to do cuz he didn't want to be Attached to anyone. If I ran into him while I was out he'd beg me to hang out with him n his friends. He always invited me out with his friends and always wanted to introduce me to them. Then all of a sudden after running into him in may n asking me to come out with his friends, he stopped answering my texts. Nothing no answer whatsoever. Straight up ignores me. I can't let it go. I want him back so badly I DO want him to be mine seriously. My friend says I need to put myself in his way, be in places I know he could be at sometimes. Do I be more direct and try and send Him a fb message? He answered one in november but didn't say much else. Do I do what my friend said? I could have a bf right now but this is the person I have my heart set on. What do I do?

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  • 8 years ago
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    I would send him a text or a fb message. if that doesnt work then try to just walk up to him and ask im out. if that doesnt work than ask yourself this question "Would I rather wait around for something that may never happen or find something that I can have now?" I really hope this helps!

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