My ex doesnt want to be with me... yet?

He said he wants to be with me again just not now..

Were having a baby together and lastnight he told me "I love you. I want to makes this work for us.. for the baby. We don't have to be together." Then he kept saying "awe were going to be a family just me you and our baby"

But he keeps saying how we will eventually be together again. Just him saying that confused me.. what do you guys think??

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    "Were having a baby together" You're not having a baby together. YOU'RE deciding to have a baby with a person who obviously is not ready to commit to you. Why would you have a baby with this person? You should not have this baby. If there's a question whether he will be with you or not then it's not worth that risk and if you pressure him then he would be doing it against his will and resent you for it. If he's not around are your parents going to take care of your kid? What kind of life is that for your child, especially when the economy is so tough. You should focus on getting your stuff together before having a child.

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