Is my toe broken or is it fine?

Yesterday, like the dumby i never fail to be, while chasing my step brother through the living room i further regretted it by stubbing the crap out of my toe! I ran right into the leg of the sofa. At first it felt like any other time i had stubbed my toe, but as the day grew it looked like a little fat balloon on the end of my foot and it hurt even if hardly ANY pressure was put on it. I iced it and wrapped it in medical tape to my other toe. I took it off today and the side of it is purple and it doesn't hurt at all angles but if the side that is purple is hardly touched AT ALL i want to start crying. wiggling it hurts pretty bad. Is it broken, fractured, sprained? I can't go to the doctors at the moment.

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    8 years ago
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    It sounds as if it could be broken, and you have been doing the right things so far, but you need to keep it up. ( by the way, a break and a fracture are exactly the same thing). You should keep icing your toe for around 10 - 15 minutes each hour. The best way of doing it is to get a a freezer bag, and drop some ice in it and mould it around your toe. Never put ice directly next to your skin as it can cause an ice burn. Tape your injured toe to the adjoining toe to splint it, and keep your foot elevated above heart level to help with the swelling. You need to rest it as much as possible, and wear loose open toed sandals if possible. If it is very painful then take your ususal painkillers as long as you need to. If you can get to hospital for an x-ray that would be the best option, so they can check that the bone is not out of position. Good luck

  • 8 years ago

    I think sprained but your not the dummy here.. I shattered my toe when I kicked the wall going down the steps to my basement.. Yeah right in the middle of soccer and gymnastics season! I could do anything all fall but my mom made me keep going to soccer practice and I couldn't even do anything!

    So it's possible that is is broken or fractured but I think just sprained!

  • Robert
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    8 years ago

    Probably broken or fractured. Going to the doctor really wouldn't help anyways because all they are going to do is put a splint on it and give you crutches. Just tape a popsicle stick to it to keep it straight and stay off of it as much as you can and keep it elevated (lay down, and put your leg up so it's about your heart and head) to help with the bruising. Ice it, take some painkillers, wait for it to heal.

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