What is the best blog site to use for travelling?

I want something to document my travels (pictures + text) - something that's easy to use/access and share, and popular.

I was thinking blogspot, or maybe even tumblr? Not sure though as I've never really blogged before.


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  • 8 years ago
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    I do not think it really matters too much for most people, but I think the most important thing is probably to make sure you get your own domain name.

    I just had a client in Japan that had a hosted e-commerce store and thousands of links and testimonials and such - the company is going bankrupt that hosted her stuff and she is basically going out of business as a result.

    So I would make sure you own your domain for about $10 a year and probably get your own hosting for about $6 a month. No sense in putting a lot of work in anything and having it disappear.

    Oh - and if you host your own, most hosting companies have 1 click install of wordpress and then there are many many plugins that you can install to upgrade your site - you would not have these options with a hosted solution

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