male heterosexuality is not a choice?

What makes women/feminist/lesbians belive that a heirarchy does not exist within their subgroup, but its the heterosexual male that rules them all

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    "male heterosexuality is not a choice?"

    --Apparently not, it generally only takes a few beers for so-called straight, married men to hit on me at bars, parties, etc. Sometimes they are really aggressive, too. I guess maybe they just stop being so picky and homophobic when women don't want them. Well I've got news for you, but this bisexual man doesn't want any of them! Straight women can have them!

    As for your additional details, I do believe that most of radical 3rd wave feminism is "ruled" by men, they are called "male feminists".

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  • 8 years ago

    Perhaps, if you concentrate, you can compose a reasonable question.

    This is a question, but importantly it is begging the question:

    "What makes women/feminist/lesbians belive that a heirarchy does not exist within their subgroup, but its the heterosexual male that rules them all"

    This is not a question:

    "male heterosexuality is not a choice?"

    Your grammar is atrocious. Work at it.

  • 4 years ago

    sure, the two are selections. Heterosexuals can substitute into homosexuals, homosexuals can substitute into heterosexuals, and the two can substitute into sexually aroused via a great style of alternative kinds of sexual stimuli. As evidence, maximum folk of gay men have had intercourse with women. As a 4-3 hundred and sixty 5 days learn of 128 gay men via a UCLA professor of psychology revealed, "greater advantageous than ninety two % of the gay men had dated a woman at a while, 2-thirds had sexual intercourse with a woman." As a heterosexual, I know that I intentionally cultlivated my activity in females and intentionally prevented reports that could have formed gay desires. working example, i did no longer learn gay pornography, settle for invites to gay touch, undertake gay gown or mannerisms, or domesticate close friendships with homosexuals. in assessment, i became intensely involved interior the female type, worked as much as now exceptionally females, and cultivated a romantic relationship that delivered approximately an extremely long and pleasurable marriage with my spouse. Dennis Prager's column on Judaism's Sexual Revolution (see link under) is the main suitable short clarification of sexuality i've got examine at present. Cheers, Bruce

  • 8 years ago

    so why do heterosexual males default to male on male sex and relationships when incarcerated or in all male environments.

    It's absurd to say a hierarchy exists in society when based on sexuality when we see hetero homophobes such as yourself being ridiculed and laughed at today

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  • 8 years ago


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