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Is the degree to how visual men are overstated, understated or about right?

Firstly, I’m perfectly aware that there are men who are only concerned about looks and some who genuinely don’t care.

However, when I hear people say things like, “Men are visual creatures…” my response is always a big, “Yeah, but…”

For me, seeing a hot girl with a shot skirt or tight jeans and top at a bar or club is appealing, but not sexy. I like it. I enjoy it, but it’s just eye candy. I have no special interest in approaching or conversing with that woman. In order to achieve sexiness she has to some talent, as with art or playing a musical instrument, or possessing a keen grasp of historical and political issues, or work in scientific research.

I can’t imagine I’m especially unusual in this regard, so why doses the stereotype remain so persistent?


The best looking woman I've ever been with was far from being the best in bed, so it's not a huge, huge deal to me.

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  • Geno
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    This 'stereotype' of men being visual is TRUE. Most of the women that are pissed because of this are SHORT ON LOOKS.

    But it seems to diminish with age, as I, and most other men in their 40's, aren't as impressed by looks as we were in our 20's.

    I think that explains why so many men [including me] did so much stupid **** in their 20's.

    The older the man gets, the more of a stereotype it becomes.

  • Mabe
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    8 years ago

    Because men are more visual to what is going on in their surroundings then women are. With so many more men trained in and out of the military, on top of this being nature's way of things, you will certainly see more things that will and will not attract you. I would rather he go see what is going on, than me. I am not as focused on things that don't personally concern me the way men are. I don't tend to debate the issue at length with other men, the way men do. I have raised 3 sons, and watched 4 grandsons and they never seem to miss even the smallest of things overlooked on the floor. Always had to watch them because of the things they could see to get into. Would find something to try to climb to the highest cabinet if they spied it. Sometimes I thought they were understated when I seen it, sometimes I was just glad they didn't do what a few did, but it was always right there! A man's reaction to what he see's is what makes this 'visual' sense more well known than a woman's. Usually because his reaction will have an effect in some way, and with women we see it, but don't act upon it like a man does.

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