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Has anyone tried water fasting before?

Hi i weigh 145 and want to be 125 or 130 by jan and i want to know how long i would have to water fast to get to that weight? Can you also tell me your experiences about it? Thanks!

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    yeah, i've done it. its totally not worth it.

    I fasted before, my longest was for 17 days. I lost 18 lbs, gained back 8 with in a day and then gained another 6 back within another 2 days even though i was on a low cal diet! So total it was only a 4 lb loss after more than 2 weeks of the most tortuous diet ever. It left me feeling weak to the point that i could literally feel the difference in my loss of strength from muscle degeneration in my arms and legs, like i couldnt open jars anymore or stairs seem harder than normal. you get muscle aches cause of it. the longer you fast the worst it will be. and this doesnt come back from just eating normal again. you have to weight train to build strength back.

    Fasting for short periods to detox isnt so bad, but for longer periods for dieting its just not a good idea. It totally wrecks your metabolism and the longer you do it the longer your body takes to readjust and get back to normal. You will immediately gain some weight back when you start eating again just because your digestive tract isnt totally empty anymore and because your body is in recover mode trying to pack on some of the fat is was forces to burn.

    the actually fasting part isnt that hard, you get crazy hungry the first few days, then your hunger does go away like they say. and you feel kinda normalish but you get headaches and just feel tired all the time and if you try to workout out you'll get dizzy and feel like you might pass out.

    the hard part is really when you stop fasting, the starved feeling, the binging, regained weight and you cant even work out the same anymore cause you lost strength. after a fast your body goes like into survival mode, the hungry comes back with a vengance and your metabolism stays low for a few days, this is because your body wants you to eat to regain some of the fat stores you lost. you know how you might see in a movie someone whos starving... they will kinda dive desperately after a scrap of food and devour it hungrily. thats totally real.... you'll feel like that for a while and you cant even control it. and if you try to you'll still find yourself eating really fast with a desperate kind of urgency. it makes you feel crazy. so binging is pretty much unavoidable...

    I say don't do seriously sucks. and its so HARD!!

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    No i have never attempted it and for my part i feel it is unnecessary, however in case you have made up our minds you quite desire to, the next elements could be valuable... It isn't beneficial to water speedy underneath the stipulations of - hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia, schizophrenia continual center situation. If you've got current stipulations it's high-quality in case you seek advice with a fasting proficient and/or be monitored in the course of your speedy. Be cautious of - - - dizziness black outs. The center is resting up to it will probably for the duration of water fasting. Before you rise up, take one or 2 deep breaths to get the center pumping. If you begin to black out, sit down down or crouch down on one knee. This will instantly give up the dizziness. The ten day water speedy has grow to be a encouraged quantity of days. Ten days on water will intent the identical weight reduction as 30 days on juice. But water fasting is way more problematic, certainly in case you have a speedy metabolism. Water fasting cleanses the frame aggressively eliminating pollution swiftly. Water fasting will also be extra lucrative than juice fasting in fighting extra chronic types of melanoma, cleaning the tissues extra aggressively. Water fasting needs intellectual coaching, the fewer stress and accountability you've got for the duration of a water speedy the greater. Think of it a vacation away type the average styles of dwelling. Some endorse that the week earlier than your speedy, you drink recent juices and devour regularly uncooked culmination and veggies to cleanse the frame in order that the cleansing for the duration of water fasting will probably be much less competitive. Water fasting will have to consistently incorporate 2 of 3 days of juice fasting earlier than and after the water speedy. This alternating among juice and water fasting is essentially the most powerful system of attaining an entire cleaning via fasting.

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