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Would a bladeless helicopter still make noise?

So, If a helicopter had no blades, would it still make a decent amount of noise? About how many dB's?


I am talking about a flyable helicopter that used a similar design to that of those bladeless dyson fans.

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    Something like you speak of does exist. VTOL aircraft such as the harrier use a ducted fan to gain vertical lift. They are anything but quiet. It's easy to duct airflow, it's difficult to control that air though. Helicopters maneuver by changing the pitch of the blades as they rotate. In a ducted fan situation, that isn't as easy to do.

    The dyson blade less fans do have blades, or more accurately an impeller, but it's hidden. And that kind of design would be very difficult to adapt to a helicopter like aircraft.

    As for the sound, there would be a lot of engine noise, as well as a lot of turbulent air, also making noise. It might be quieter than a conventional helicopter, but It wouldn't be "quiet"

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    Contrary to some of the more immature posters here, there is a form of bladeless helicopter that works pretty much exactly like the dyson fan.

    The main rotor is still present, but the tail rotor is replaced by a series of ducts. It's called a NOTAR (NO Tail Rotor) helicopter and since the tail rotor is responsible for much of the high frequency noise of a helicopter, it is much quieter and is good for police surveillance and military applications.

    If it were possible to replace the main rotor with this technology, it would be much quieter. Unfortunately, the technology and efficiency isn't there yet. The tail rotor only needs to produce 10% of the thrust of a main rotor.

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    A loud crashing sound as it hit the ground.


    OK, since you have explained yourself, let's give you a fair answer. The helicopter does not fly only by pushing air downwards, although that has some effect according to Newton's Third Law of Motion. It flies because it generates lift in much the same way as an aircraft wing. The difference is that the airflow over its wing (rotor) is generated by the rotation of the rotor, not forward airspeed.

    A Dyson Fan would lose that lift and would have to produce a lot more downforce, but then again it is fairly efficient, so you might get one to work. You would need to work out some method of control because you could not apply cyclic pitch changes to make the machine change direction.

    Any time you move air you will produce noise, so yes it will make noise and the engine you use to power it will make noise, but Dyson fans are also quieter than average, so maybe not as much as a conventional helicopter

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    Well, by "blades" you mean the rotors that are responsible for generating the lifting thrust necessary for flight.

    With those gone, you would just have the noise coming from the powerplant, and that varies depending on whether or not its powered by a turboshaft engine or a piston engine. Like a JetRanger versus an R-22.

    A helicopter ain't no helicopter if doesn't have those blades dude!

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    Lots of the noise is produced by means of the foremost rotor and tail rotor blades. The noise from the tail rotor is certainly readily lowered through making use of the NOTAR procedure which replaces the tail rotor with jet-like nozzle. Customarily the smaller helicopters are quiter than the higher, and the extra blades, the simpler. Consequently the Jetranger will have to be noiser than the bell 412. Notice the common Huey flapping sound.

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    Yup, probably about 115 like a loud rock concert or 100 like a motorbike, so around 100 - 115 I'd say.

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    If it had no blades, and I am not making this up, even though it seems incredible, it wouldn't be a helicopter.

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    not sure how the dyson fan works it think it is very poor at developing thrust

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    i would not know because there is no such thing as a "bladeless helicopter"

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    So powerless airplanes would make no sound?

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