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I broke up with my boyfriend and he said he never whats to talk see or text me ever again?

I broke up with him cause he liked other girls and I ask who and he had me guess and I was like no just no and that happen last time to ( I broke up with him and got back together and now this) and he started swearing and told me he wants me out of his life. I was like ouch that hurt and just before that he told me he loved me and would do whatever for me and I was the best thing that happened to him and ya and now he's saying he wants nothing to do with me. And even better he got together with the one girl. I said I was Srry but he was like ignoring me. How do I get over him cause I have like no other friends and I'm really sad. Ps I'm in 6th grade and my mom doesn't know so I can't tell her cause she didnt even know I had a bf . Please help me thanks

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    Well he has no right to be mad at you cause he was the one doing something wrong. He's a jerk, you'll find better you're only young don't worry. As for finding new friends, try sitting by new people in class or joining clubs. I know in middle school it is really hard to make friends so just do the best you can, find people with common interests and that you can be you with :).

    Good luck!

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