Can I get over my shyness?

More like can I get over my anxiety? This is gonna sound like the typical teenage girl stereotype, but I just wanna be happy, so here it goes. I've had a crush on a guy two years older than me(though he's only a grade ahead of me due to failing) since August. I've spoken to him once or twice, but only because my friends borderline forced me to. I'm too scared to speak to him, but I've had many opportunities. I just don't wanna make a fool of myself. People tell me just to talk to him, but I fear he'll think it's weird to have a total stranger speak to him out of nowhere. When I see him, I try not to look at him, but I try not to make it obvious that my eyes avoid his. I just feel like I'll never have the courage to talk to him. Even if I do and we become friends, I doubt it will go any further than that because I honestly don't know what he would see in me. I just want to be as bold as my friend is and actually be social for once in over two years. How can I do this? :/

1 Answer

  • 8 years ago

    See if you can find a common interest between the two of you then go from there. If you get the chance, but you don't want to make a fool of yourself, talk to him when he's not around friends. If you're talking and run out of things to say, just tell him you've gotta go and say you'll hope you can talk to him again another time. Don't leave the conversation too long unless you guys are really hitting it off, otherwise that may be a little creepy. Usually works for me when I try to talk to someone. Goodluck!

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