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Why do all the women in my school want this one male teacher even though he is married and have kids?

I'll admit he's a good looking man but he's taking all the girls from the school from us dudes,

He knows he'll go to jail if he touches one of them girls


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    He's an older man, attractive, it's spurs a fantasy.

    You're very right, he can go to jail. If he is taking advantage of the girls I would report him and keep your name anonymous. He's older and should know better. It's not right.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I can't believe this. I was in a situation where there was a very attractive teacher that a lot of my female classmates were attracted to. That didn't mean that most of us thought we could really eer get with him(though I'm sure a few might try) The majority of us just thought it was fun to fawn over a teachers good looks. Nothing more.

    All the guys saying"women want what they can't have are f*cking clueless idiots who have never been women and don't know wtf we think so they should STFU.

    If this teachers taking attention away from th students, well, he just has something you guys don't.


  • Women/girls are the greatest self-deluders on Planet Earth, and their desperate need to copulate and reproduce is in no way leavened by reason and self-constraint.

    Their instincts tell them that a man who has already proven to be a solid sire is worthy of offering them sperm.... and since they are fundamental and basic creatures, they will make up any fantasy to justify this uncontrolled drive.

    Now they imagine they are going to run the world - they left the 'i' out of ruin......

    Take the Pills Form the Girls!... Take the Toyboys from the Children! Restore Full Pregnancy Rights NOW! Tear Down the Boarded Up Kitchens!

  • um, well, he is not the one to blame here ... The girls have a crush on him, but obviously nothing is going to happen since he is married, has kids, is their teacher, and older then them. so I think you should stop blaming the teacher who has not done anything wrong and probably hopes the girl students will stop their shenanigans ! If he realizes they think he is cute then he will ignore it . I am a girl and have crushes on teachers before, but that doesn't mean anything is going to happen in fact I knew nothing would ever happen but that doesn't mean us girls can't have a harmless crush. if you are mad about him taking all the attention away from you and the guys in class, then I suggest trying to get over it because there nothing you can do . sorry , not trying to be mean but it is not exactly possible to stop a girl from having a crush on someone, only she can controlling that. if you like a certain girl in the class I suggest talking to her as much as possible during class so maybe her attention will be more directed towards you.

    Source(s): being a girl
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  • Lois L
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    8 years ago

    If some women are hitting on this married man, he can only blame himself. Most guys who let that happen are players. That goes for good looking married women also.

  • Brenna
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    8 years ago

    Sounds like you go to a weird school

  • 8 years ago

    Just remember to point at him and laugh at him when he gets arrested OK!

  • 8 years ago

    They want what they can't have.

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