Does anybody know if there are any manga, anime, or video games out there with a female genie in them?

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I'm in collage working on a character design for a female genie. I'm trying to pull in as much inspiration as possible for the design. I'm trying to find some anime, manga, or video games with a female genie in them. Please, just try and get me as many manga/anime/video games as you can. Please list off as many as possible. Thank you.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Hmmm the only one I could think of is Shantae...

    "The game's story focuses on a young "half-genie" by the name of Shantae. Having been appointed as the Guardian Genie of a small fishing town, Shantae's life is fairly quiet. That quickly changes when a gang of pirates, led by the sinister Risky Boots, attacks the town and steals a prototype steam engine from the town's resident Relic Hunter, Mimic.

    Shantae soon finds herself traveling far and wide across Sequin Land, determined to retrieve the steam engine and foil Risky's wicked plan."

  • 4 years ago

    sure, There are a number of animes/mangas in accordance to seen novels, action video games, card video games(identifying to purchase and promoting on interactive), index, and myth. devil would Cry Steins;Gate Chaos;Head Clannad H20:Footprints contained in the Sand Bible Black Pokemon The Legend of Zelda Digimon Kirby, acceptable again at ya! Yu-yu-hakosho Black heart- area minus C---face§(although the unique isn't) Yu-gi-yo Dragon Ball°sequence very last myth

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