What to say to a shy girl? What to talk about?

I'm shy too. What are some topics or tips

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    you have to try and discover her interests, her likes and dislikes. THAT is how you get her to come out of her shell. but, until you can discover that, talk about yourself (sounds stupid and vain, but it works). tell her a funny thing that happened to you and poke fun at yourself, girls think that is awesome. best thing you can do is force yourself not to be nervous. dont try and convince yourself not to be, just say "no, i wont be". it helps when you're nervous about something or just a nervous person in general (like me lol). AND, most important thing to know once you get a little more comfortable talking to her... remember to ask her opinion and ask her questions. try to open up to her a little, it will help her. be considerate of her is what it boils down to. best wishes!

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