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What sort of person becomes a police officer generally speaking?

I tend to think it is probably someone who enjoys stalking people. There are these 2 cops where I live who enjoy following me around. I think they might be gay or something though but I don't know for sure.

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    Cops in general were the "C" students you went to school with. Not the best and the brightest. The "D" students want to be cops but end up as security guards. Cops are often short guys who want respect. Or, they are jerks who enjoy having power over people.

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    No, not because they like stalking people.

    In my experience some people become cops because they genuinely want to help people. Unfortunately, some people become cops because they crave power. They are the worst kind of cop to deal with.

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    The departments do not employ felons or ex-felons. even if or not they have the record expunged, i fairly doubt that they could employ them. that's too volatile. in a lot of cases felons have some style of difficulty even if or not that's habit to drugs and alcohol or bouts of anger there is a few thing that become or is inaccurate with them. even although human beings turn their lives round and can want to be very powerful, there is continuously the probability that the difficulty might want to go back and putting some one contained in the region of power like the police branch is too volatile. they are going to take individuals which have misdemeanors yet no longer felonies.

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    Most want to be good cops but the stress can get to them to beat their wives etc or turn corrupt since its a lower paying job for the average cop.

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    A type A personality

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    You think everyone is gay who you dont like. Talk to a therapist about that. Seriously.

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    People with big feet.

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