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Can someone please translate this japanese kanji for me?

Here are pictures of the kanji I need translated. I need the Japanese pronunciation and the English meaning of the words please:

Thank you!

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    1. 日曜日: Sunday

    2. 男の人と女の人: men and woemn

    3. 私: I

    4. 食べる: eat

    5. 飲む: drink

    6. 日本語: Japanese language

    7. 日本人: Japanese people

    8. 四十八: forty-eight

    9. 一万一千円: eleven thousand yen

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    Well, here's the thing. No longer all jap words will also be written in Kanji, you must be complicated it with chinese. The correst strategy to put it is, "the way to translate into japanese with kanji, hiragana, and katakana." it's stated folks who don't sleep confuse fact with dream 寝ない者は夢と現実を困惑すると言われる。 Pronunciation: ne-na-i mo-no-wa yu-me-to gen-ji-tsu-wo kon-wa-ku-su-ru-to i-wa-le-lu. Literally: Sleep don't ones is dream and fact the confuse do to be mentioned. Realize I used "l" as a substitute of the "r" sound for the reason that japanese doesn't have the "r" tongue. Even supposing the romanji mentioned "ra" or "re" or some thing else, read it as if it can be an "l" at the beggining.

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