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Am I losing my mind? Do I have a mental problem?

Im 15 and I think I have something wrong with me. I do strange things that I would normally not do. For example, I took a shower this morning and in the middle of me taking a shower, I sat down in the shower. I started playing with my little sister's bath toys. I have fits of anger and I start panicing. I have to go in another room so no one will see me like that. I forget things. I feel like I am in a non stop dream. It feels like my dreams are reality and reality are dreams as if my brain doesnt know the diffrence. Example: I had a dream that cops where knocking at my door asking me questions and circling my house. I woke up and the first thing I do is look out my window to see if cops are outside. I am really spacey as if Im high. When this happens, words echo and my vision looks distorted. Everthing is dreamy and strange. I repeat myself sometimes without knowing or I say something then not knowing if I had just said it or repeated it. Days blur in together. Saturday and sunday seem like one day. Monday, Tuesday, and wednesday fells like one day. I forget if its am or pm often espescially doing dinner time. I bring myself down so bad if I made an 80 on a test and I knew I could do better. I dont like talking, especially at school. Why is this?

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    Speak with a counselor at school and/or with your parents. Something is going on, but that can't be determined from what you describe. It could be something neurological, chemical, or psychiatric... amongst others. A checkup with your pediatrician might be a good idea too.

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    You shouldnt be on the internet, if you have real problems go to your doctor. No one on this site will be able to help you beyond a simple unprofessional opinion.

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