Know what book this is?

I read a book years ago and I can't remember the name or author... This is what I can remember:

Teen gets taken to a different universe

Maybe struck by lightning

Maybe sleeps in a tree overnight

Gets captured

Assimilates into the tribe

Falls in love

There was possibly some type of war/battle

He is put back in his original universe

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  • 8 years ago
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    The Transall Saga by Gary Paulsen

    "The story begins with Mark Harrison, a 13-year old survival enthusiast, hiking through the mountainous Magruder Missile Range when he is struck by a mysterious blue beam of light. He wakes up in a strange world that he believes is an alien world with many similarities to Earth. He uses his survival skills to live off the land and, while exploring the forest, he discovers a camp of some short human-like creatures with webbed feet and dark, olive-colored skin, though he finds them too warlike to interact with. He also hears a creature called the howling thing. Soon after, he is enslaved by the Tsook, a metal-weapon wielding race. Over the next three months, he learns their language and develops feelings for Megaan, the chief's daughter. When, after escaping, he returns to warn the tribe about an impending attack, he is granted freedom and official entry into their tribe."

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