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what did the 1st duke of wellington do?

can someone please list major things one should know about the 1st duke of wellingston

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    Defeated the Marathas in India during the Second Anglo-Maratha War.

    Defeated the French in the Peninsular War.

    Defeated Napoleon at Waterloo,thus finally ending the Napoleonic Wars.

    Founded King's College in London.

    Introduced Catholic Emancipation,giving Catholics in Britain full civil and voting rights.

    Invented the Wellington boot.

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    The Duke of Wellington defeated Napoloeon Bonaparte at Waterloo in Beligium on June 18, 1815. Napoleon was then exiled to St. Helena, a small island in the south Atlantic. He remained exiled, until his death in 1812.

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    He beat Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo ending the Napoleonic Wars

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    The BBC has a great, short history of Wellington.

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    because of the fact he became British. In 1801 eire joined with something of england to alter into the united kingdom of great Britain and eire (the united kingdom). So Arthur became approximately 32 whilst his u . s . a . grew to alter into area of the British Empire. He additionally had English history. all of us Irish living between 1801 and 1927 have been British subjects. human beings living in Northern eire nonetheless are British.

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