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How do you turn hot pink hair to a pastel pink?

I just dyed my hair a hot pink color, I wanted a pastel pink so how do I go about that? I'd prefer not to bleach my hair but I will if that's the only way. I have some 40 volume developer and I tried to tone down the color with that but it didn't really do anything. And I've washed my hair like five times already. I only did it like an hour ago but I wanna fix it asap :p please help!

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    I think if you bleach it you will have to start all over again.. But if you want to bleach it how about you try this website next time or go to a salon :)

  • 8 years ago

    You can either bleach it and reapply a more diluted pink or wait for it to fade. Bleaching it now could really damage your hair.

  • 4 years ago

    this is going to do in case you bleached your hair first, besides the undeniable fact that it would want to bypass slightly brassy depending on the bottom shade, so that you would possibly want to desire a blonde hair shampoo to positioned some silver tones in it.

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