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Is this girl interested in me or not?

The past summer I had a couple of dates with a girl, not really a date but we just came together and had fun. After the 2nd date I drove home and she texts me that her mom asked me to have dinner at her place since I was home alone that evening. I already went to the store to buy a pizza so I said I wasn't able to have dinner. But after that text I realized that I maybe should ask to come back to her after dinner to watch a movie, and she said yes. Nothing happened that evening, but when I went home I kissed her at her front door, but she didn't really kiss me back. When I drove home she texted me that this can't happen again, and that she only wanted to be friends. I was a little bit sad because she gave me the intention she liked me and she even asked me to come and have dinner with her family and now this? So after all we just stopped texting. But now, 6 months later she texted me again and asked me if I'm going to that party she's going to in two weeks... We also kept chatting on facebook and sending texts sometimes. I also told her about a girl I kissed when I was drunk(since she said she wasn't interested in me) and after that she said, maybe I should see you at that party when you're drunk, since you like that(referring to the girl I kissed when I was drunk). I really don't know what to do with her, I really like her but I don't want to get hurt again...

Maybe a girl knows the answer to this?

If you think she's not interested, please tell it to me. I'd rather know it now than in two weeks:) just some advice would be great!

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    Sounds like she has unsure feelings ...very doubtful too. I PERSONALLY wouldn't invite a guy over for dinner if I had no feelings for him.. but I also am a different person in general and other people have different ways of doing things. She may also be commitment phobic, or you had bad breath that one night, and she got turned off (happened to me once ..pretty gross). She may also be bored. But, usually if I meet up with a guy, and ask about going a party, making out, ect. usually I like him. Even this girl confuses me. All I can say is make a move ..if she doesn't like you, then that's HER problem.

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