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Could i have an std on my tongue?

Last week my taste buds on my tongue were gone in one small lime down the middle of my tongue, it was tender to touch. This week i has patches on my tongue where there are no taste buds at all, a whitish color to my tongue and a slight sore thought. I've looked up symptoms and heard it could be various things from small problems to large.. I am over concerned. Just to note, i have performed oral sex with my boyfriend about a month ago, but i got checked for a virginal std and came back negative and my boyfriends tongue does not look the same as mine. And last night I've realized the sides of my mouth are sore and just a pin dot size of redness.

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    Yes you defenitly HAVE an STD on your tongue from giving head

  • Lainie
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    8 years ago

    I would get a second opinion.

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