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mac/apple vs windows products?

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    Mac refers to apple computers.

    Windows don't make a rival version. Companies like Dell or HP do.

    The Surface is relatively new, and I haven't read many reviews.

    Mac hardware > the majority of any other hardware, although I would prefer to be able to upgrade.

    Windows 7 > ios, but Windows 8 looks appalling.

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    Overall its windows/Microsoft since Windows runs on absolutely anything, way more customization, Supports 99.9% of all software in the world. its fast (Windows 8 and 7) and its security is YEARS! ahead of what Apple has for OSX, PC supports High level Gaming, way more development Tools/Libraries/ can be upgraded with ease, and far more selection with different price levels mixed with innovation such as touch screen laptops... mac's are for people who just want a very expensive Facebook machine, or for some reason they think that Microsoft is the work of Satan because their PC crashed once back in 1998, or they believe that PC sucks because there old $399 ACER PC broke and Mac is better! while as they invested over a thousand dollars in a mac...You get what you pay for.... if you spend over a thousand for a PC then yeah of course its gonna be better.

    Source(s): Grew up with Windows and Mac
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    Mac is the best as you can get on with being an efficient user, rather than the system often being down for fixes.

    Source(s): Experienced Windows environment teacher and user for over 26 years. Recently converted to an iMac - well two years and three quarters now and how has it flown!
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    Windows is the best, no doubt

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    As far as what?

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