Why can't everybody just respect each others beliefs?

I was in class the other day, and a guy was talking to his friends about how he is an Atheist, when another guy over heard and shouted, "You're an Atheist?!?!" And the whole class gave him crap about it. I honestly don't understand why people can't respect others for their beliefs, because we were all raised differently, and most of the time, believe what our parents believe. Why can't we just love one another, Christian or not. (I'm not an atheist, but it still makes me so angry.)


I really don't want to hear about how he is wrong because he is an Atheist. The bible clearly states to love EVERYONE. Not just your fellow Christians. This is why I can't stand organized religion. They are all hypocritical.

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    Because some "intolerant" beliefs ...cough Christianity cough...are not respectful. In fact it is very disrespectful and condemns others simply for not believing their faith or sharing their sexual preference. There is nothing respectful about a religion that causes a social stigma to atheists and belittles and judges gay people. That is pathetic in this day and age, so it should be ridiculed not respected as if there is nothing wrong with bigotry.

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    maximum atheists do appreciate different beliefs - see you later as they don't look envisioned to stay with the aid of them. some examples - atheist children forced to attend each day worship in colleges (uk) - and may really be bumped off with parental consent - and then omit out on college assembly and are frequently made to sense a nuisance and the entire technique appears like a punishment. gay human beings being victimised with the aid of non secular communities and made to sense that they are 'sinners', might want to stay a celibate existence - enthusiastic about a god that many don't believe in. Politicians attempting to get better non secular practise onto the school timetable (ie, making it a needed area of the Baccalaureate. back, pushing their beliefs on others. As an atheist, I only favor to stay my existence and enable my toddler develop up in a way the position she isn't pushed into any concept structure until eventually she is previous and smart sufficient to make up her own concepts. i do not favor to be preached too, have human beings knocking on my door uninvited to communicate about their god. this is intrusive and shows a lack of appreciate in case you do no longer help their perspectives.

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    8 years ago

    The problem in your classroom is not that the poor kid is an atheist, or that his beliefs need to be respected. It's the people who treated him badly gave him a poor example. If their rude behavior alienates him from Christ, then the burden of his suffering falls on them. Christ should be used to lead people to grace, not to bully people.

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    8 years ago

    Well, we're definitely not going to all love each other. But I agree, we should respect each others beliefs.

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  • 8 years ago

    You're right. Respecting another doesn't necessarily mean that you agree with him or her. It means that you can agree to disagree and still dialogue.

  • 8 years ago

    I agree!!

    And my belief is to proselytize you and proclaim the gospel to you.

    Why can't you respect that?

  • NO. I will not respect a lie that parades itself as the truth and then infiltrate our governments and wastes our time banning gay marriage. They had their turn. They screwed it up.

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    8 years ago

    I don't like fence sitters.

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