I'm confused and need help!?

Last week I asked a girl out she said yes. But she said "I'll think about it" then the next day said yes.

So we went on the date which was very very casual then took her home. I said I enjoyed my self and asked if she wanted to do something again like a movie. She said "maybe" then stepped inside and said good bye and I thanked her mother for letting me take her daughter. The mom said " no problem, your free to take her out any time" I then left soon after.

But I'm confused does she like me and is shy or is she undecided. She had to ask her friends for advice. What should I do tomorrow at school when I see her. Just say high and stuff?

Tuesday she has tryouts for a musical. I was thinking of writing her a note of good luck. How should I ask her for another date and how should I move forward?

Should I have the relationship talk after the second date?


Were both freshman in high school.

1 Answer

  • 8 years ago

    That is just an adorable story, and I hope she likes you back cause you clearly know how to treat a girl!

    Just straight ask her if she likes you or not, if she does woopie and ask her on another date and if she doesn't then just move on cause shes not worth you and find someone else :D good luck x

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