Tips on making tips as a Hooters girl/hostess?

I'm considering applying to Hooters as a hostess (I can't become a waitress until i'm 18) because the pay looks pretty good as somone can expect to make before graduating highschool. I think that it would be a good temporary job for me until I'm able to do what I really want to do officially.

So if I do end up applying there, are there any former workers there who have any tips on, well, making better tips? Thank you


Please don't send me hatemail or call me trashy- Every day i wear a graphic T-shirt from the boys department and some jeans. I'm not trashy, and to be honest I hate showing skin at all. I would only be doing this for money- this doesn't reflect my personality at all. I don't play around, I've never had a boyfriend before and I'm already in my second year of highschool. (Not to sound cocky when i say this but i've had a lot of guys like me before but I don't want a boyfriend just to have a boyfriend so yeah...) Anyways don't judge unless you go and walk a mile in my shoes. And considering I'm wearing mine at the moment, it doesn't look like it.

Update 2:

@Prarie girl: Yeah- the same reason why there are people who work in office buildings, manage businesses, cashiers, janitors, and just about any job out there. Showing off my boobs? I have never done it, but honestly I'd probably be wearing no less than a typical highschool girl. I get mad/sad when I see people like you: It's sad to think there are so many judgemental people out there in the world.

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    Hostesses don't make tips. To make tips as a waitress in hooters order your uniform shirt a size too small and a great pushup bra. Why you want to degrade yourself like that I don't know, but that's how you'll get the tips.

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    these people are ridiculous on here!!! so immature. Well anyways I am a hostess/takeout girl at a location in chicago area I got hired a couple monthes ago After the holidays I am moving up to be a waitress (im waiting because I dont want to be stressed for the holidays) As a host we dont make tips unless someone decides to tip us randomly lol Take out 50% of the time people tip its like a pizza place where some people tip and some dont its random hooters girl waitress's get tipped 98% of the time sometimes you get jipped like all restaurants you just got to deal with it. Ways to make more money Smile Make good conversation with your customers Stay up on sports and news styles and kiddy things (most men like to talk sports older people love to talk news women love compliments on their style or advice on the hottest stores children love cartoons and kiddy stuff.. lol!) bring balloons to the kids (if parents have kids with really bond with them) they will appriciate being able to have adult conversations while their little brat is being entertained lol never gossip or talk about tips or other girls it makes most customers uncomfortable stay upbeat dont ever say you are angry or tired laugh tell jokes just be happy!!!! good luck let me know how it goes :)

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    Hostesses don't make tips. If you become a waitress at Hooters, flaunt 'em and you'll get good tips. As far as only "doing it for money" that's exactly what hookers do too.

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    Alot! If your better looking then that helps to. Be friendly and attractive and you will make alot

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