Can 4 month old swallow solid without choking?

My boyfriend dropped a bead on my babys play blanket i put down... I later found it but he said it wasn't sitting there very Long but it scared me that she could of seen it picked it up and out it in her it blended with the blanket n we always are watching her ...she's not by herself very long ....I guess I'm looking for more of peace of mind that age could she see it good enough let along pick a small object up and make it to her mouth !?? If so could she swallow it without

Choking consider she's never eaten anything besides breast milk? I need positive feedback I'm a first time mom and I worry about EVERYTHING!!


I need answers from seasoned mothers who's dealt with this before

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    8 years ago
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    choking accidents are very common in infants. Picking up small objects and sticking it in there mouths, two possible outcomes they swallow it or it gets stuck in their throat and they end up choking.

    I know not what you wanted to hear. you need to make a reasonable effort to keep small objects away from your baby. Learning child CPR would not be a bad idea either.

    Mom's and Dad's too, need to be a little paranoid about these things.. its good instincts to be very cautious.

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    Yes, I suppose a 4 month old could find it and choke on it. My biggest fear is always of choking, them finding small stuff to put in their mouths. Don't feel guilty though because every mom has had some incident with this and by the grace of God, nothing happens.

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