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How do you know when a guinea pig is going to go in labor?

I have a guinea pig ans i just found out shes pregent

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  • 8 years ago

    It is hard to know exactly when, but when she starts to get close the babies will 'settle' deeper in her belly, closer to the pelvis (hips). If you feel around where her tail should be, she will start to dilate several days ahead of time. It can take up to two weeks after she dilates to actually have the babies, or as little as 12 hours. If you feel around there now, you can feel that the two pelvic bones are close together. When she dilates they seperate and move apart. She will also become less interested in moving around, especially if she is carrying a large litter. She will also start to lactate (make milk). Other than that, there is no definite sign, she wont' start to make any new noises or doing backflips or anything. :P

    Source(s): GP Breeder
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    8 years ago

    You don't. They go in there hut and give birth. The babies are fur covered and pretty big. The mom takes care of them . No worries ^.^

    Source(s): Happened to me
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