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So what should I do with him ?!?

So I like this guy josh.. He knows I like him. He said he likes me to but he don't want a relationship right now. Me and him flirt and pretty much text each other every day. And in class everyday we Sit at the same table together and he compliments me and he always looks at me. But why don't he want a relationship..? Plz help!!? & what can I do to make him want one ?

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    what i think is the reason he does not want to have a relationship with you is because he likes the way things are, this happened with me and a guy we both liked each other and we was so close and everything but he said no to a relationship and im thinking like what have i done, probably like you are but he told me he loved me so much that he wanted to be with me but not have the label, he felt that when your labeled as bf&gf people always interfere and everything and sometimes things are just better left as they are. meet just the two of you spend days together and just enjoy the time you have, forget about the label to many people it means nothing and just makes things harder

    hope this helps

    good luck xx

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    Take him deeply in your mouth.

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