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Can someone tell me a good diet I can follow?

I weigh 107 and i want to lose weight. don't tell me that i don't need to or whatever. I haven't been eating much lately yet i've only lost 2 lbs. i used to diet like this and would lose a lot of weight, but for some reason it's not working this time. i'm thinking maybe my metabolism has slowed down, so i've gotta increase the calories. i also exercise during the week. i need a diet that's not from some sort of program, just one where i can get the food from the grocery store. list what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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    Eat breakfast, don't go more than 12 hours without eating, but don't go to bed with a full stomach, lots of long jogs, or do HIIT both give results. Only eat carbs in the morning other wise unused carbs turn into fat. Make sure to eat enough fat in good as to little ***** your body over. Limit calories to 1500 a day but don't go below a 1000

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