Who is at fault for a left turn intersection accident when no tickets were given at scene?

I was involved in an pretty much head on collision at an intersection where a car was making a left turn as I was going straight as both cars only had front end damage. When cops came they they could not determine who was at fault so no tickets were given at scene (Other party said they had green left turn signal). I gave them my insurance card but the insurance had lapsed but I still had the card. I am certain it was their fault but what happens since I don't have active insurance? Who determines who pays who if police did not issue any tickets and no one was placed at fault?

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  • PMack
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    8 years ago
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    The police don't determine fault/liability, the insurance companies do. If you were going straight and the other party took a left turn in front of you, it should be their fault unless they had an arrow and you were red. if you don't have witnesses and they said they had the arrow it's going to be he said she said and the insurance companies will probably just split it 50/50. Your lack of insurance has no impact on who was/was not at fault, but if it gets split you will only get half what your damage is, and nobody will sympathize with you because it was your fault and only yours that you were driving uninsured.

    Wise up, if you can't afford insurance, you can't afford to drive, take the bus.

  • ?
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    8 years ago

    (Other party said they had green left turn signal)

    If this is TRUE, you are at fault.

    You better go back and find out for SURE if this intersection has left turn lights. If NOT, they are at fault, and you may have to sue to get satisfaction.

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