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Crys asked in Politics & GovernmentLaw & Ethics · 8 years ago

what are village laws? and what do we do about this problem?

i live in a village called coolville ohio that is trying to make us pay money for a sewer easement to go threw our land into our basement and our house is fully paid and we have a letter stating if we do not comply which we cannot if we wanted to AEP has an easement with us atm for a powerline and a tree that must be taken out. that we must file a chapter 13 bankrupty and forfit our home. this is a historical village not a city we have paid on this new sewer for close to 12 yrs our village is broke and we never did see any of the money. what can we do? is it possible to lose our home over an illegal sewer easement or would they have to 1st buy our land from us?


thank u mary christmas im looking into them now just wondered if anyone had any legal advice so im not so dumb sounding to the attorneys lol id like to have as much info as possible on this

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    The question you ask has many implications. BUT.. as a general action, they can not force you to file bankruptcy nor can they seize your home.

    What they CAN do, if they have the authority and the proper documentation, is demand that you connect to the City main (which I presume is via their easement) and deal with the tree and power line for whatever reasons are applicable.

    If you do not deal with these, they likely have the power to do it themselves and then levy the costs against you via a property lien. This can lead to the sale of your property for the payment of that lien.

    Your question does not provide enough details to go into the specifics so my suggestion is to discuss this matter with your lawyer. Since money is an issue see if there are any legal clinics or pro-bono workshops where you might obtain an initial consult at little or no cost.

    good luck in the matter.. but the first step in any defense is to understand the problem from both sides.


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    You need to talk to an attorney ASAP.

  • 8 years ago

    The more I read this the more confused I get.

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