How to stop masturbating?

I'm 13, and a guy

I need to stop masturbating!

But I just need to stop, I've been doing it over guys, not girls! But I'm straight, I mean I love girls!, I feel like its turning me gay, I know I wasn't born gay, I have always liked girls!

I'm upset about this :(, but when I maaturbating with thoughts about guys, I ējeculate so much faster. :(

Don't tell me I'm gay and need to except it, because I'm not!

I'm also a Christian, so what I'm doing is a sin! :(

No rude answers please, I need to stop!



I'm not in any way emotionally attracted to guys, I just find there bodies nice looking I guess, but gay sex is gross and wrong IMO, I love girls, always have, I have crushes on girls, not GUYS!

I'm Christian, being gay is a sin, don't tell me it isn't, I don't need that!

I'm not worried about school, bc I homeschool!

I'm actually against gays, no offense ppl

This masturbating is making me gay!!!! I used to always masturbate to girls, always got horny of to girls, I was always straight!!!!!!!!!

How do u tell if u r gay?

Update 2:

@kingjamesIII: what's your email?, the thing is, I don't really find guys sexualy attractive either, I just find the bodies nice like I mentioned

And yes, being gay is worng, and a sin! Gay christians obviously aren't really christians! No offense an i don't want to sound rude, but that's the truth!

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  • 8 years ago
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    well you really can't stop, I mean you can try but you'll drive yourself crazy, and just end up with wet dreams, which I'm willing to bet will be about boys, jerking off doesn't and can't make you gay or bi or change you in any way, clearly you like guys, you can keep driving yourself crazy about it, or except that this is something you like and enjoy, now I'm sure you don't want hear that and I'm sure you'll try to stop jerking any ways, and in a few days you'll be crazy horny and you'll pull on it, to gay thoughts any ways, save yourself the trouble, bookmark some gay porn and enjoy it

    lots of gay males start off not having emotional feelings for boys, in our world you likely only see male-female relationships (on TV, in movies, in books, your family etc) the human mind likes short cuts, so lots of us short cut romance=male-female it often takes that first boyfriend to change that, and sex in general is a little gross, I know I was a little grossed out by gay sex when I was young

    if you like girls sexually, and you like guys than you're bisexual, liking boys and girls, any ways you say "I'm a Christian" but there are lots of gay Christians, and gay supportive Christians, where I live there's a gay Bishop who's married to a man, very nice guy btw

    why are you against gays? have you met any of us?

    and no jerking it has not made you gay, its just showed you something thats always true

    its different for every one, you'll know if you are or not, though jerking to thoughts of guys and finding the male form nice is a good sigh

    message me if you to talk to some one who's been where you are now, click my profile you can message me from there.

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    8 years ago

    Homosexuality is not a sin, for one thing. The passage in the Bible calling it such has no relevance today. If you actually follow it, you'll find that you also aren't allowed to shave, eat seafood, etc.

    Also, masturbating cannot "make you gay". Nothing can. It sounds like you're either confused or perhaps bisexual.

    Furthermore, if you try to stop masturbating, you're just going to deny your body something it needs. And what you need, especially at your age, is to confront your natural sexual urges without the risk of STDs. I'm pretty sure if there is a God he would rather you touched yourself than got some poor girl pregnant.....

  • 8 years ago

    I know you don't want to hear it for some weird reason but sounds like you could be gay. And that's not even a problem. You're writing this question because you want people to say you're not gay when you need to be told there is nothing wrong with that. First of stopping masturbating is 1) impossible for a 13 year old and 2) won't change a thing. You're 13 so you won't want to be gay because you're in high school and don't want to be bullied believe me i understand you completely, But you can always keep this a secret to yourself till you fully know you're not gay. Some people only realize when they are 20! Just don't rule it out straight away. Just enjoy your teenage years experiment enjoy and don't let others bring you down.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    I was in this same position, and i haven't masturbated sense june. ( 7 months ). I assume your religious because if you weren't you probably wouldn't want to stop. What really helped me was reading the Bible every day, and remembering that God Chose me to be one of his followers. I didn't choose him, he chose me and thought you can fallow my word and be faith full. God chose each one of us specifically to be his deciples and spread his word. To be a deciple is to be an apprentice or a student, so we're all like Jesus Christs apprentice, He chose us and thinks we can do what he does ( not all the awesome super power stuff, but he live faithfully and spread his word ) Good luck man, I know its hard and seems impossible but its not. Also if nothing else works you can put tape on your penis. I heard this works but I never tried it. Oh and a word of hope, it gets easier the longer you go without doing it. They say it takes 23 days to break an addiction, just aim for that then just keep adding days untill eventually you wont care.

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  • 8 years ago

    OK, you want to stop masturbating because of your thoughts toward

    guys while you doing it, or you just want to stop period? Anyway you

    have to stop watching any type of sexual videos. Try to keep your mind

    clear from sex and stuff that will lead you to think about sex. Stay busy

    read a book, do some homework, watch TV, go out with your friends

    staying busy all the time don't give yourself time to think about it. You

    will stop eventually.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Find a substitute, something so do with your hand, like guitar, or woodworking, Jesus did wood working. Paint, water colors, something to do, or spend all your time in public, no one whacks it in public for long before getting hauled away, but that's not for you. Just don't take up eating as being something else. It wrecks your health.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Use sandpaper.

  • 8 years ago

    remove your hands from your little pee pee...

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