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4 Question Survey for college class, Please answer.?

Hello Please answer all questions to the best that you can! Thank you for all who respond this is a big help!

What is your current age?

What has your life experience taught you about the things we value?

What would you change if you were to relive life knowing what you now know?

What regrets do you have?

What did you do right?

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    Everyone values different things, what i value most is honesty. family. trust. and Animal Welfare

    I would have become Vegan at a very young age

    No real regrets, I have not made any big mistakes (yet :/ )

    I believe I am a kind person and always treat others with respect, i have never purposefully been rude to another person and I am overly caring towards animals :)

    i am not sure what you wanted, but those are my answers :)

    Source(s): In college too so I understand needing to get projects done
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