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Will I get drunk off 2 four lokos?

I have 2 four lokos that I am drinking tonight, I am 6' and 160lbs. If I drink both of them will I get drunk?

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    Yeah you should. I'm 6' 2" and 200lbs and I got to a good level off of two. So you should be fine

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  • grazia
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    4 years ago

    Good then you do not care you might be violating this forum's terms of provider both. You might be more likely to get ill and mostly black out. I would suppose after all the deaths and ill graphics and videos from youtube that shows how totally harmful drinking is you could possibly be trained. FYI when you black out you are relocating round and acting normal however no one is home upstairs. You LOSE the ability to make ANY selection so if certainly one of you finally ends up harm, useless or unconscious make sure you pat yourself on the again for initiating the occasion. Oh it is just a few beers man what the <censored> dude. Whilst you've visible first hand how lethal ingesting is your standpoint changes. Right now you might be young and blind to the realities of consuming. Certain oyu may even see it on television and hear about it in institution but that occurs to other persons not you. Four four locos WILL both make you ailing past your wildest nightmares or just make you cross out. Four Loko also will make you gag. You know what Ipecac is? I believe that is among the elements. I mean surely no longer but it is rot gut personified. You are willingly happening the road to alcohol poisoning, epic bouts of vomiting and almost always 30 minutes of giddy buzzing to start with. Whether you're going for the Grape, cherry watermelon or every other taste they are all ummmm 12.1% alcohol I think. You really have a very stupid and hazardous plan for the underage drinkers. People which are new to consuming will have to most undoubtedly avoid four loco, metal reserve 211 or any of the more desirable beers. VERY stupid idea you have got right here. Get capable to be trained what a blackout is and hope and pray the beer does not hurt or kill considered one of your friends. I simply can't stress it sufficient that this is the worst concept you will have ever had. Lots of associates have had these strategies that ended up within the grave at 15. However they'd one heck of a occasion before they died.

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    Yes. Those two cans are equal to about a six pack of domestic beer.

    FWIW, Four Loko is for losers.

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    Probably, but not severely.

    May make you a bit tipsy. May put you over the legal limit. I don't think you'll go into vomiting but that really depends on how fast you drink them.

    I don't know how anyone can stand even one sip of the stuff. It's highly-concentrated and a "poor man's" alcohol, with a tonne of alcohol but no thought to taste.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    yes, you will definately feel it, Im the same height as you and about the same weight and 2 four lokos hit me pretty good.

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  • Anonymous
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    you'll get drunk off of one.

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