What are my options if parents want to leave me?

So I guess I am put the blame too but i feel like they want to get rid of me even though I'm not the problem or am I? I am a full time college student and have work study. But my mom says she hates that I don't help around the house that's the only think she has against me. But I have this doubt it's not that exactly. I clean when I can if not I'm doing homework or busy. But when I had a lot of time to clean I would and my dad would still complain about anything. Both parents use that against me. I find it hard to believe that's the sole reason why they say they want nothing to do with me.

My brother caused a lot of stress to both of them and I feel like that directly being taken out on me. He right now lost the last car and my dad is taking the bus to work. These things aren't my fault though. I done the best I can to help them. Yet nothing satisfies them. NOTHING. I also helped pay the bills my dad told me to help him out with which again my brother never did and he has a full time job. They say they are tired. But I can't see exactly me being the problem. I told my mother" I'm not the problem you just want me to be the problem" and she said "i don't care".

So do I just drop out of college and find a job? They saying their going to Mexico when taxes come.

Is their any help I can get as a college student who works in college which is work study. What do I do should I go to a social worker? Is their any help for me who 20 years old?


I think it became obvious that my mom doesn't want anything to do with me. She going to want to live with my aunts house and yet doesn't even suggest I go with her. Even though I know my aunt wouldn't mind. It stills leaves me dead on speechless. It almost feels like she wants me to fail and suffer. She wants me to drop out because she made obvious comment on "ha you might get a degree but end up cleaning toilets" I don't' understand I helped her with what I can. I have severe anxiety issues, depression at times. It ain't easy to juggle everything but somehow i'm making it but somehow this is thrown at my face like it just causes chaos to my plans. i was about to transfer. But that just will put my plans back...

Update 2:

How am I sponging off them? I help pay bills. I have never asked my father for money. I have helped with what I can. But it never satisfies them.

All those things that's what my brother done he asked money when he has a full time job, he doesn't give money for bills, he lost 2 cars from my father. And yet you say I'm the one who using them?

I think you just didn't read anything at all.

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    8 years ago
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    I can see why they are tired. They have two adult children living at home and sponging off them. No I don't know of any services for a 20 year old. Get a job and support yourself and go to college part time or when you can.

    If I were them I'd kick both of you to the curb!

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    The fact is when parents break down such as in this case, it is really their actions and enabling that caused the problems. It sounds like they are under much pressure financially and also having problems keeping your brother on track, but the time to address this isn't when a child is in their 20's it was several years ago. In the current economy, I can understand why your parents are feeling less than adequate, but heck so is half of the world at this point. You need to take control of your own life at this point, get a job and look for a good room mate...post at college and personally, the best thing you can do for yourself is to get away from mom and dad, they've done their part. One thing my granny taught me was that "everything eventually comes out in the laundry"----meaning that things have a way of working themselves out and usually for the better. Keep your head on your shoulders, feet on the ground and devil under your feet...you will be successful.

  • don c
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    8 years ago

    not to be unkind but I think in a sense you are the problem. You are letting them use you and abuse you and then insult you for helping them. Keep your money for a while. leave then to struggle along and make your own way in this world. If they hate you for it then so be it. at least you will not spend a lifetime struggling to help weak ungrateful people. Make something of your self while there is still time. don

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