Would you have broken up with me? Did he really love me?

So im 24 and my bf is 33 years old. He has a seven year old son from his ex wife. We were together for a year in a half. Before I met him a month before he seperated from his wife, and a month later we started dating. When I first met him he told me stories that he owned three businesses and had a million dollars and his own townhouse. I later found out a year later that he has a business liscense and that he stole from his parents company so they gave him a share of it. So he doesnt work at all but gets 3000 a month. His home was also in foreclosure. In the beginning of our relationship, he called and text me non stop. We never really argured but him and his ex wife would text and call each other constantly which drove me insane because it seemed like they wanted each other back or they didnt know what they wanted. But then after a few months she went crazy and they know hate each other over a custody batter for their son. I never dated a guy with a kid so for the first 8 months I wouldnt really interact with his child, and I would ignore him. I realize that was mean and thats one thing I regret. We would fight constantly because he had full custody of his son and he never wanted to spend time with me alone or go out and if we did he would always rush dinner so he could go home. Also in our relationship he would text a few girls saying intimate things. The last four months of our relationship we were out drinking and I slapped him in the face, because his ex said that I didnt like their son and that upset me because I was always the one buying him food, clothes and toys and babysitting him. I was drunk and slapped him and he wanted to break up with me but he didnt. But then the next three months he would say hurtful things and try to break up with me every week by saying he doesnt care about the relationship at all and he only cares about his son. I do admit in the beginning the first 8 months I would ignore his son but I just felt I wasnt ready to be his mom yet. Towards the end we really connected me and the son but it was just to late. Do you think this was my fault or do you think it was doomed from the beginning because after being married for five years he started dating after a month of seperation?

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  • 8 years ago

    I think you are young. I don't mean that in a negative way and I think you will one day look back and agree. Seems like a lot of mistakes on everyone's part. Both you and he should have thought better of being involved after only one month, the middle of questionable custody and whatnot.

    Also, dating someone with a kid IS extremely awkward so maybe in the future you should ask him what he expects from you and when regarding the child.

    Learn and move on. . . right?

  • 8 years ago

    Yes, unfortunately, it sounds like a rebound. There was only one month gap between his separation and dating. He lied to you, exaggerated things. I think you should move on and find more stable and sane guy. Good luck.

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