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Very important question!!! Easy 10 points!?

What should i do to help me with stage fright, i have a rap battle tomorow

Also another question, kind of a bonus, off topic a little bit but how do i memorize lyrics better?

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    Stare at a particular spot. And to help me memorize my sheet music I just stare at it then play and I have it memorized good luck!!! :)

    Source(s): Me I play in the marching band our music had to be memorized and I do this in front of many people.
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    For memorization, just look at the lyrics for a bit, look away, and recite them to yourself. Wait, recite them again. Wait a bit longer, and do it again. Just make sure you're getting it out of short term memory into long term and BAM

    As for stage fright young man, I don't know if there's anything really to do. Being nervous is just a part of it.

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    Watch 8 Mile.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Just pretend your eminem.

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