can i have this car stereo setup?

I am new to car stereos so this is what i want to know. Can have a six speaker setup in my car (two in front of car, two in back, and two sub woofers). I have bin looking at parts and i want to install myself i'm not paying someone else to do it for me. These are parts I wanted to use...




Sub woofer:

Wiring kit:



Speaker Wire:


So tell me if this would work and how would i wire up the speakers. I already know how to wire up the amp and sub woofers just not the speakers, I can't find any information on it.

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  • 8 years ago
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    If you're planning on rewiring your entire car for these new speakers then you're going to have quite the job on your hands. Unless your car doesn't already have speakers in it, then just use the factory wires. The only reason someone would need to rewire an entire audio system would be if they were getting a separate amp for their speakers as well. Also I looked at your wiring kit for your amp and sub, I would highly recommend getting a 2 gauge wiring kit for an 1800 watt rms system. An 8 gauge wiring kit is not big enough to support 1800 watts.

  • 4 years ago

    those are ok, yet you're able to be able to desire to get lots extra advantageous subs for no longer lots extra---look at the Kicker subs on that internet site, it may be an excellent deal. as some distance because of the fact the RMS is going, the different answer grew to become into good. look on the RMS of your subs and double it for the amp...many circumstances you won't discover an amp it is precisely double regardless of the undeniable fact that, with out having to get an exceedingly intense priced one. do merely no longer exceed the max RMS of your subs or you will blow the subs. additionally, in case you in lots of circumstances pay attention to rock, i could evaluate looking a chum that knows a thank you to place in audio platforms or taking it someplace and getting them to set you up with a subs and doorspeakers that are the two powered via the amp. it is going to nonetheless sound good with rap yet rock sounds outstanding with a extra balanced device of that form

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