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How many shrimp in a serving of red lobster shrimp scampi?

Me and some freinds are going out to red lobster but I'm on a diet....

I know there is 130 cals in a serving of shrimp scampi from red lobster, but how many shrimp in a serving?

Ten points best answer :)

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    I believe there are 5 medium to large shrimp.

  • ammon
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    4 years ago

    It relies. That you would be able to get a scampi 7 ( with 7 shrimps) or a scampi 10. The lunch element or shrimp scampi comes with a scampi 10, im not certain concerning the calories however they should have a vitamin menu that has everything on the menu. There's additionally a "gentle condo menu" that you simply might take a seem at. However in spite of what you get, ask for it with out butter. The scampi is broiled with butter, in the event you get it without butter the calories are quite a bit curb.

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