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Boils around my penis after i masturbate?

everytime after i masturbate i seem to get a boil somewere around my penis. sometimes in other places 2 like once my face and sometimes my armpit. im pretty sure its not a coincidence cause it happens everytime. couple days ago i was really horny and i masturbated like 3 times and now i have this really big boil right in the middle of my pubes. it really hurts and it hurts even more when i wear jeans. please help. im not sure if theres anything i can do. my mom says she gets these to. is this an STD cause i have never had sex before because i am 13 so please help. Its really annoying cause i have scars from past ones to


please do not say should not have been masturbating. i need a seriouse answer please

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    if you don't want the people to say that you shouldn't mastrubate ,then there is no good answer ,because you shouldn't do that at your age

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