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How much makeup should a fourteen year old wear?

My parents dont care and im open to specific products too (high end and drugstore)! and don't say "none!" I have olivey skin and brown-green eyes

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    8 years ago
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    -Foundation only if you need it, I used to wear it but I have good skin and then I realized that I didn't need it and it took to long in the morning. If you need if get revlon color stay $9-11

    - concealer I just use it wear I need it like under eyes & blemishes. Mac prolongwear $18 or benefit erase paste $26

    - powder Rimmel stay matte $4

    -eye shadow natural colors mac all that glitters, honeylust, naked lunch $15 or urban decay naked pallet$50 for 12 shadows

    -mascara cover girl lash blast$10

    -blush Mac pink swoon $20

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    8 years ago

    When i was 14 i wore foundation or powder. I didn't always wear eye makeup but when i did i wore liquid at the top only and mascara. Some lip gloss. By the end of my freshman year i started wearing more.

    But if your parents don't care, wear what you want. I recommend not wearing it that young. You probably don't need it and you have many years to wear it. Save your pretty young face!

    But since you probably are, get loreal voluminous mascara (original) the carbon black doesnt work well for me. Revlon photo ready foundation or covergirl power. and any eyeliner works for me. Dont do the wing look. Many guys dont like it and it looks trashy. I use drug store stuff because i''m not a celebrity with all this money. Oh btw! Use a darker blush below cheekbones (not to dark you'll look like a retarded clown) and mix in a lighter blush on the apple and bone. It will make your cheekbones stand out. You can also try bronzer. Hope i helped!

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    I'm 14 and I wear foundation, powder, a little eyeshadow for going out or special occasions, eyeliner, and I use quite a bit of mascara. I only use concealer when I have a pimple!

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    Maybe a tiny bit of cover up/foundation just to even your skin tone- but DONT cake it on

    A thin line of eyeliner around your eyes (top and bottom)

    And if you prefer, a little bit of a natural or shimmery eye shadow...

    Also if you prefer, a little bit of mascara

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  • 8 years ago

    i use dinair airbrush makeup and i love their stuff...its really natural looking and it also all water based so it is not bad for my skin because it doesnt clog my pores...they let me email in my picture and then they just told me which of their shades to made it super simple...i hope i helepd in some way =)

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    BB cream, mascara, eyeliner, powder, lipgloss

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    8 years ago

    Not too much! Just mascara, eyeliner, blush, concealor, light colored eyeshadow, and lipgloss!

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    eyeliner and blush maybe mascara NEVER CONCEALER cause once you wear it you will be hooked

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    2 kilograms each day

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